Dons Foods Co. LTD
Chiang Rai, Thailand
Kunming, China
Tel. 66 81 894 6401
Providing Quality Food For Thailand.
DON's FOOD is located in Chiang Rai and Kunming, China

Primal Cuts of Beef
Hamburger Patties: Don's American Style
Sauces: Bleu Cheese, Tangy German, Barbecue, Salsa and Greek-Italian sauces.
Production Wholesaler Bangkok
Breads: European and American Style
Cheese and related products: Feta Cheese, Cream Cheese, Yogurt, Sour Cream, CottageCheese and Buttermilk
Thailand Food Distributor
Sausages: German, Italian, English, American, Sweet Basil Chicken, Beef and New Orleans.
Fresh Orange & Lime Juice.
Mexican Food Products Beef, Sausage, Mexican Food, Mexican Peppers, Sauces, Salsa, Pork, Fish, Cheese. Rabbits, Geese and Turkeys.
Thailand Food Distributor sausages

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