Dons Foods Co. LTD
Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Rai Thailand, Kunming China
Tel. 66 81 894 6401
Providing Quality Food For Thailand.
DON's FOOD is located in Chiang Rai and Kunming, China

If you are looking for a place to eat that differentiate from another, then you should absolutely visit Don’s Café Chiang Rai.

Don’s Café Chiang Rai is unlike any typical eatery, it is a unique combination that features:

*      a restaurant

*      a bakery,  with excellent whole wheat European Breads

*      a deli shop with top quality meats at wholesale prices

Wholesale food products straight from the farms to you, for one low price. A variety of European and American foods are enjoyable at the waterfront restaurant on the golden pond.  Enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and it’s surrounded by rice fields, mountains, dozens of rabbits, a big goose family. Visit the organic farming of Mexican peppers in the green houses. Enjoy the quietness of the country side while you are having your meal.

You can get everything fresh, local and home-made. The outstanding steaks, mouth watering barbeque ribs, American style comfort food, Mexican food, fresh fish from the pond and Thai food are worth the drive. But also the European Style whole wheat breads from the bakery, fresh guacamole from the avocado trees or habanera sauce made from the habanera  peppers, grown on the premises are an absolutely worth the try.

Don’s Café is set in a natural hillside and water front environment at Doi Hang district, just a 10 minute drive west of Chiang Rai City.